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SoundEar 2 Outdoor Industrial Noise Warning Sign

SoundEar 2 Outdoor Noise Warning Sign
SoundEar 2 Outdoor Noise Warning Sign
SoundEar 2 Outdoor Noise Warning Sign SoundEar 2 Outdoor Noise Warning Sign SoundEar 2 Outdoor Noise Warning Sign

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USD $1407.00
SoundEar 2 Outdoor Noise Sign - Protection Symbol
Lead time 2 weeks
USD $48.00
Power supply with 24V DC output
In stock

USD $17.00
DC power extension cable 10m (32ft) for 24V power supply
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USD $1407.00
SoundEar 2 Outdoor Noise Sign - Protection Symbol
2 weeks


  • Weatherproof outdoor noise activated sign
  • Lights up when noise levels are too high
  • Green = Monitoring : Yellow = Getting loud : Red = Too loud
  • Adjustable trigger level from 40 to 115 dB(A)


  • Outdoor and dusty environments
  • Factories
  • Industrial sites
  • Hearing protection - time to act
  • Intermittent Noise - warns when it gets high

Outdoor Noise Warning Sign

The SoundEar 2 Outdoor Industrial is a noise activated sign for use outdoors, in any weather, and is also suitable for use in environments with high levels of dust. It provides an immediate warning of high noise levels.

Instant Noise Warning

This outdoor version of the SoundEar has all the same functions as the standard SoundEar 2, but comes with the additional weather protection and cabling.

The green light is on all the time to remind people that the noise is being monitored. When the sound level gets close to the trigger level (within 5 dB) the yellow light comes on as a warning. As soon as the level goes above the trigger level the red light comes on - it is time to act to reduce the levels or deploy hearing protection.

See the Installation section for information about setting the trigger level.

outdoor noise warning

Weather Protection

The SoundEar 2 Outdoor consists of a standard SoundEar 2 Industrial Noise Warning Sign fitted inside a wall-mountable weatherproof case. A microphone is mounted on the base of the enclosure, fitted with a suitable windshield. A power cable also enters the bottom of the enclosure.


The SoundEar 2 Outdoor Industrial is ideal for noise warning in wet and dusty environments.

Outdoor Noise Warning

The weatherproof noise sign can be mounted on a wall in an area of varying noise levels. It is particularly helpful in areas where the noise levels are only occasionally high, so people know when to take action to reduce the levels or protect their hearing.

It will continuously measure the sound levels using its built-in microphone and light up to warn when the levels are too high and it is time to take action.

Indoor Noise Monitoring

This version of the SoundEar noise warning sign is also perfectly suited to indoor installations. In dusty industrial areas the enclosure keeps the noise warning sign itself clean and free of damage.

You may even choose to use this version of the sign for the extra physical protection it offers. It is more securely mounted to the wall than the standard SoundEar.

Construction Noise

Mounted in and around a construction or building site, the SoundEar becomes an important part of a noise control plan. It can be difficult to know when equipment is making too much noise, especially if you are exposed to it day after day or you are wearing hearing protection. The SoundEar measures the noise and, unlike the human ear, doesn't suffer from a varied perception.

Installation and Setup

Installation of the SoundEar 2 Outdoor consists of two parts: mounting it on the wall and setting up the trigger level.

Wall Mounting

With the front cover of the enclosure removed there is access to four mounting holes through which the sign can be fixed to the wall.


Power is provided to the outdoor noise warning sign by a 24 VDC adapter, which is included. The power adapter should be mounted indoors (it has no weather protection) and connects to the noise warning sign via a 10m extension cable, which runs through a gland directly into the base of the noise sign enclosure.

Setting Up - Trigger Levels

You need to choose the level at which you want the noise sign to light up. In some situations this can be done by trial and error. Set a level and see if that works, adjusting as necessary. A more scientific approach would be to use a sound level meter to measure the sound level at the position of interest and then adjust the noise sign to light up accordingly.

To prevent tampering, the front cover has to be removed using a screwdriver to access the dial that sets the level.

setting trigger level

Noise Warning Displays

The SoundEar 2 has three main display components in the shape of a standard hearing protection symbol:

  • Green light - Indicates that the sign is monitoring. Reminding people to keep the noise levels down.
  • Yellow warning light - Warns that the sound levels are getting close to the limit.
  • Red warning light - Indicates that the noise is too high.

You choose the sound level at which the red light comes on. The yellow warning light comes on 5 dB below the red light.

For more options and setting multiple trigger levels see the SoundEar 3 Outdoor Industrial Noise Sign

outdoor noise sign displays

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range20Hz to 16kHz
Trigger Range40 to 115 dB in 5 dB steps
Deviation±3 dB
Frequency Weighting"A"
Time WeightingSlow
Dimensions300 x 230 x 85 mm, 9" x 11.8" x 3.3"
Weight2.4 kg, 5.3 lb
Power24 VDC
Max 2.5W
Power adapter & 10m cable included
Ingress ProtectionIP65
soundear 2 outdoor dimensions
SoundEar 2 Outdoor Dimensions