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Outdoor Noise Measurement Kits

Weather Protection

The noise measurement kits in this range have a strong weatherproof case and outdoor microphone for unattended monitoring for up to seven days. Each kit includes an Optimus Green sound level meter, calibrator and rechargeable batteries.

Which Outdoor Kit?

The only differences between these kits are with the functions fitted to the sound level meter. The standard kit satisfies most environmental noise measurement regulations, but if you have tonal noise you may want to consider one with 1/3 octaves or the tonal noise detection module.

Hand-Held Meter

Each kit contains an Optimus Green hand-held sound level meter. This can be removed from the case and used to make measurements in environments that don't demand weather protection. It can also be mounted on a tripod for longer term measurement.


If you are not sure about which version you need, or if you think you may need 1/3 octaves or tonal detection in future, the standard kit can be upgraded at a later date. Some upgrades require the meter to be returned to us and some can be done remotely.